What they forget to tell you about epidural…

I didn’t know much about epidural before going to the hospital.  Good thing I asked before they put it in – turns out that once you get the epidural in, there’s a tube in your back that connects to a pole and you have to stay in bed.  They give a foley catheter, so your urine goes straight into a bag, but if you need to pass a bowel movement… you might just give your medical staff a whole lot of crap during labor.  If it happens… what can you do.  It happens a lot.  But if you can, go poop before you get that epidural in.  Also, as they’re putting the epidural in, it may or may not take a while.  I was terrified and furious with my first anesthesiologist, as that person took forever to put it in and ended up hitting a vein and had to pull it out and start all over.  Then once it was in, I only felt pain relief on one leg.  Thankfully, I spoke up about only feeling relief on one side, and they thanked me for informing them and then they adjusted it until I had relief on both sides.  I was SO RELIEVED, I almost cried of happiness and was ready to kiss my anesthesiologist.


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